Glissando Publishing Group is a small boutique collective of independent self-published authors writing in the many subgenres of romance and erotica. We believe we’re stronger together than we are apart – leading to the formation of a supportive group that combines the complete independent control of self-publishing with the joint platform-building and shared reader outreach that traditionally published authors gain from publishing houses. What we seek to build here isn’t just for us; it’s also to make it easier for readers to reduce their digital clutter in an overwhelming age of constant email spam by following a select group of authors with a single informative newsletter.

It’s true that we often focus, too, on more risque reads than even dark erotica, which is another reason we decided to form this group. Building an audience for stories off the beaten path can be difficult when Amazon and many other advertising platforms will refuse certain subgenres, making it both hard for authors to find readers and for readers to find authors. By working together, we’re making it easier for you to discover books that suit your unique tastes in niche genres, all in one place.

We are proud romance authors. We are Glissando.

And we’d love to show you your next great read.